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The MFG Academies Trust





Our vision is...

Everyone Exceptional Every day

...and this together with our mission statement ‘To enable our students and staff to achieve their best’ drives our ethos.

Our values are:

  • Respect: recognise, understand and celebrate differences
  • Integrity: truth and honesty in all we do in and out of the academy
  • Team Work: work together effectively and efficiently
  • Aspiration: be the best you can be.


  • To ensure that every child enjoys the same high quality in terms of resourcing, tuition and care and to progress the journey towards all Academies being recognised as "Outstanding" by Ofsted.
  • To raise the standard of educational achievement of all students.
  • To improve the effectiveness of The MFG MAT by keeping the curriculum and organisational structure under continual review.
  • To enhance links with business and the community.
  • To provide value for money for the funds expended.
  • To conduct The MFG MAT’s business in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, probity and openness.